More Women’s Sport on the ABC, not less

The Women’s Ashes has kicked off and unlike the men: the Southern Stars are winning.

While both Cricket Australia and the England Cricket Board are doing a great job promoting the women’s game online and through their social media channels, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for free-to-air television coverage.

It's time we saw our Australian Women's Cricket Team broadcast on free-to-air TV, just like the men. Wouldn’t it be great to see the Women’s Ashes broadcast on the ABC?

In 2006, the ABC told a Senate Inquiry into women's sport in Australia that:

"The ABC provides a high quality of coverage and has established a leadership role in broadcasting – and thereby promoting – women’s sport. The ABC remains committed to broadcasting a high level and range of women’s sport across platforms, covering local and regional, as well as national and international events."

Going on further to say that 'subject to identifying increased resources’ the ABC would be looking to ‘provide additional coverage of women’s sport through the broadcast of other elite women’s national and international competitions.'

But since then, television coverage of women’s sports has actually gone backwards. After the Abbott Government's cuts to the ABC, not only has there been no growth in Australian women’s sports coverage, both WNBL and W-League coverage were axed.

Tell Malcolm Turnbull: we want to see more women’s sport on the ABC and SBS, not less.

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"We want to see more women's sport on the ABC and SBS, not less.

"Malcolm Turnbull, resource our national broadcasters so that they can maintain their commitment to broadcasting women's sports."

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