We can’t just save the ABC, we need to fix it

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Dear Prime Minister and Opposition Leader –

The ABC is one of Australia’s most trusted news sources. We need you to fix it.

We urge you to make a public guarantee safeguarding the independence of the ABC and keeping our public broadcaster, its Board and management free of political interference. We also urge you to commit to funding the ABC adequately so it can fulfil its role as our public broadcaster.

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Strong Revenue Base

Australia needs a stronger revenue base.

In order to fund the services and infrastructure that Australia needs, we need more tax — not less.

Australia Institute research shows that Australia is a low taxing country. In fact, we are one of the lowest taxing nations in the OECD.

Ultimately, business will best flourish if a decent, cohesive society is maintained.

In the lead up to the 2018 federal budget and the next federal election:

We call upon all political leaders to reject a tax cuts race to the bottom, and instead focus on tackling tax avoidance, closing tax loopholes, and unfair tax concessions in order to build a stronger revenue base for the nation.

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Federal Anti-Corruption Commission

To the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten,

A strong and independent federal anti-corruption commission is urgently needed to investigate and expose corruption and misconduct in the federal government and public service.

Scandal after scandal involving federal parliamentarians and senior public servants show us that corruption does occur at a federal level, and that there are significant gaps in our current systems of oversight. In fact, there is no single agency responsible for investigating corrupt conduct among our federal parliamentarians and ministers.

To fill the gaps in the oversight of government, and make sure our elected representatives are held to account, a federal anti-corruption commission must be established immediately with:

  • broad jurisdiction to investigate any conduct that adversely affects the proper exercise of public administration
  • strong investigative powers including the ability to hold public hearings
  • secured independence including long term appointments for Commissioner and a stable budget

It’s time to set up a federal corruption watchdog with teeth.

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Back QLD not coal

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"Queensland has been amongst the lowest in state spending on social services in Australia. But when it comes to spending money on handouts to the mining and fossil fuel industry - no other State can beat Queensland.

"Every dollar the Queensland government spends on handouts to coal companies is a dollar that can't be spent on schools, teachers, hospitals or nurses. 

"Premier Palaszczuk, let's back Queenslanders not coal companies. End subsidies to the coal industry."

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Opera House advertising may break National Heritage Law

Australia Institute research shows repeatedly using the Sydney Opera House for advertising may break national heritage laws

Dear Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Environment Minister Melissa Price --

The Opera House is not a billboard, it is a national and international heritage-listed icon.

Using the Opera House for advertising may break national heritage laws.

You must ensure future visual promotions displayed on the Opera House sails meet ALL legal requirements under Commonwealth environmental law.

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