The Economics of a Pandemic

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  • Axing jobseeker Covid-19 payment would push 650,000 Australians into poverty, thinktank reports
    The Guardian
  • Public sector wage freeze to cost 1,100 jobs
    Yahoo Finance

  • Covid-19 misinformation: pro-Trump and QAnon Twitter bots found to be worst culprits
    The Guardian

  • COVID-19 commission needs to come clean on gas industry links
    Canberra Times

  • Most Australians Support State Border Closures Amid Coronavirus

  • Covid commission boss Nev Power steps back at gas company amid conflict of interest concerns
    The Guardian

  • Australia’s post-COVID gas fired recovery plan ‘doesn’t make sense’
    Herald Sun



  • Poverty in the age of coronavirus: The impact of the JobSeeker coronavirus supplement on poverty [pdf]
  • Poverty in the age of coronavirus: State Breakdowns [pdf]
  • Gender experiences during Covid-19 lockdown [pdf]
  • Government debt won't hurt us [pdf]
  • The Economic Importance of the Arts & Entertainment sector [pdf]
  • Demonising China during Covid-19 [pdf]
  • Abe Shinzo and Japan’s One-Strong (Ikkyo) State [pdf]
  • Majority Want Increased Funding for ABC as Trust in Public Broadcaster Grows: Polling [pdf]
  • Design Principles for Fiscal Policy in a Pandemic [pdf]
  • Polling: Government support for Arts industry popular and necessary [pdf]
  • Private health funds to reap $5 billion pandemic windfall [pdf]
  • A generous increase in Newstart? The effect of the Coronavirus Supplement [pdf]
  • Parliamentary Scrutiny During the COVID-19 Crisis [pdf]
  • Commercial Aviation Emissions in Australia could halve due to COVID19 [web]

  • Log of Extraordinary IR Measures During COVID-19 Shutdowns [web]
  • Pandemic shows Australia needs domestic manufacturing [web]
  • Pay freezes could push economy into deflation [pdf]
  • Working from home in a Pandemic: Opportunities and Risks [pdf]
  • Submission to the Annual Minimum Wage Review [pdf]
  • Catalogue of International Initiatives to Support Workers through COVID-19 [web]

  • Catalogue of Nordic countries economic responses to Covid-19 [web]



David Richardson

The Economics of an Epidemic: Explained
Matt Grudnoff

What the hell is quantitative easing' and why are we talking about it all of a sudden?
Matt Grudnoff


Economics of a Pandemic | Webinar series




The success of the Aboriginal-led health response to the pandemic


Lesley Nelson
CEO of South West Aboriginal Medical Service
Professor Sandra Eades
Dean of Curtin Medical School 

Assoc Professor Dan McAullay
Director of the Centre for Improving Health Services for Aboriginal Children at Edith Cowan University and

Francine Eades
Chair of Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service.

In conversation
with Professor Fiona Stanley, Australian of the Year (2003) and Patron of the Telethon Kids Institute and chief economist at the Australia Institute Richard Denniss.

THU 25 Jun , 2020
11:00 AM AEST

FREE, but registration essential


Part of The Australia Institute's Economics of a Pandemic #AskAnEconomist series. 

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Media Releases

22 April 2020   | Majority Want Increased Funding for ABC as Trust in Public Broadcaster Grows: Polling
14 April 2020   | Polling: Gov Support for Arts Industry Popular and Necessary
09 April 2020   | Broad Alliance of Tas Orgs Call for Establishment of NZ-Style COVID-19 Parliamentary Oversight Committee
08 April 2020   | Federal COVID-19 Parliamentary Oversight Committee Welcomed
08 April 2020   | 81% of Australians support JobKeeper for all Casual Workers
07 April 2020   | Two in Three Australians support Parliamentary Scrutiny of COVID19 Decisions
06 April 2020   | Private health funds to reap $5 billion pandemic windfall
01 April 2020   | Commercial Aviation Emissions Could Halve Due to COVID19

01 April 2020   | Former Judges Call for Establishment of NZ-Style Multi-Partisan COVID-19 Parliamentary Oversight Committee

22 March 2020
| Stimulus Part 2: Building a Bridge to Where?
22 March 2020 | Press Conference Transcript - Response to Second Stimulus Package
22 March 2020 | Overwhelming Majority Support Government Paid Leave for COVID-19 Self Isolation
21 March 2020 | Majority of Australians want Coronavirus Boost to Newstart
12 March 2020 | Coronavirus Stimulus: Right Size, Wrong Shape



Sky News panel with Ben Oquist

Ask an Economist

At the Australia Institute, we've been overwhelmed with people sending in questions about what's going on and what are the economic implications for the coronavirus. Let's be clear. We should be talking to health professionals and epidemiologists about the health consequences of COVID-19. But as economists, The Australia Institute are happy to talk about what we know, and what we think might happen in terms of the economy.

Questions in this episode:
- What’s going to happen to the economy? [00:02:24]
- What is a ‘technical recession'? [
- What is your suggestion to help the economy during the coronavirus, other than $750 cheques? [00:05:41]
- How will the government fund its stimulus? [
- Can the government just print more money? [
- Is now the time to consider universal basic income? [
- Is it time with the stress of the next couple of months ahead to consider a Federally funded job guarantee [
- Will there be a budget surplus -- and should we care? [
- This is a big crisis, what should we all do? [

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