Establish a Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog Now

Australia’s trust in federal politics is at an all-time low. Australians have never trusted our politicians less.


It is time to create an independent anti-corruption watchdog to investigate and expose corruption and serious misconduct at a Federal level. The public is sick and tired of the lack of accountability revealed by repeat scandals involving federal politicians and public servants.


This is a national issue that cannot be ignored any longer.


In fact, Australia Institute research shows 88% of Australians support a federal anti-corruption watchdog, and 78% support establishing a federal anti-corruption watchdog with public hearings.


To restore faith in our democracy and help politics help itself Australia needs a Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog with teeth.


Enough is enough: we need a Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog now. Add your name to the call >

To the Prime Minister

We urge you to help restore integrity, accountability and trust in the Federal Parliament and Australian Public Service.

We need a Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog with teeth.

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  • Amanda Ferguson
    signed 2020-03-03 10:19:39 +1100
  • David Nash
    signed 2020-03-03 10:10:38 +1100
  • Marc Carter
    signed 2020-03-03 10:09:05 +1100
    There is an urgent need for a federal ICAC as MPs, Senators and, very importantly, their staff, are becoming less accountable by the year.
  • Howard Osborne
    signed 2020-03-03 10:07:23 +1100
  • Kristina Novakovic
    signed 2020-03-03 10:04:06 +1100
    Kristina Novakovic
  • Stella Randell
    signed 2020-03-03 10:03:21 +1100
  • Paul Heywood
    signed 2020-03-03 10:03:12 +1100
  • John Mayze
    signed 2020-02-28 09:50:14 +1100
    John Mayze
  • Bree Munro
    signed 2020-02-27 20:18:14 +1100
  • Ben Moore
    signed 2020-02-27 18:37:04 +1100
  • Robert Maxwell
    signed 2020-02-27 15:55:23 +1100
    This is essential to save democracy in Australian. Every patriotic Australian should demand it.
  • Lynn Wood
    signed 2020-02-27 15:32:45 +1100
    This is at least the 3rd petition I have put my name to. I have no confidence that this government is taking any notice and will continue to destroy democracy and fairness in Australia. I do have confidence however, that eventually enough people will be personally impacted by their arrogance and corruption to remove them from office and ultimately punish them for their crimes
  • Glenys Pridham
    signed 2020-02-27 15:28:42 +1100
    We urgently need an INDEPENDENT federal icac, more so now than ever before. We are sick & tired of the lies, the corruption, the rorting & the government ruling only for themselves, big business & themselves.
  • John Shaw
    signed 2020-02-27 15:23:40 +1100
  • Raylee O'Neill
    signed 2020-02-27 15:22:12 +1100
  • Kenneth Wallace
    signed 2020-02-27 15:17:31 +1100
  • Sol Kershaw
    signed 2020-02-27 15:11:13 +1100
  • Greg Young
    signed 2020-02-27 15:09:28 +1100
    Our current Coalition govt got away with using sports funding to pork-barrel electorates, and with erecting deliberately misleading signs in Chinese during the election. If there is no consequence for doing this sort of thing, it will just become standard practice, and our institutions and the trust in which we hold them will be eroded.
  • Heather Meyer
    signed 2020-02-23 09:47:10 +1100
  • Nicole McKay
    signed 2020-02-15 23:08:26 +1100
  • Peter Raftos
    signed 2020-02-14 23:45:56 +1100
  • Christine Martins
    signed 2020-02-13 08:53:15 +1100
  • Jonathan Wilson
    signed 2020-02-11 22:50:18 +1100
  • sue ragen
    signed 2020-02-11 15:28:51 +1100
    Federal ICAC is now more urgently required than ever before. Morrison’s government takes corruption, coercion and bribery to new levels.