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Donate to research supporting the LGBTIQ community

We are currently conducting research with the support of the National LGBTI Health Alliance, with researcher Dr Saan Ecker, to better understand the how the Marriage Equality Survey has affected LGBTIQ people and their allies. You may have seen it posted on our Facebook page.

And we'll be frank. The huge response has been unexpected and overwhelming.

Based on our experience conducting research utilising surveys of this type, in truth, we thought we would aim to have a total of 1000 respondents -- at best. The reality is we received over 1800 responses in the first afternoon the survey went live, and are currently tracking over 10,000 responses from members of the community.

It is clear there is a huge need for the LGBTIQ community and allies to have a safe space to speak about their experiences, how it has affected them, and for them to be heard.

And the thing is, to better understand how the marriage equality debate around the postal survey on same-sex marriage in Australia has particularly effected on LGBTIQ communities and allies, the more responses and diverse communities who participate, the more accurate the picture will be.

We want to ensure all the data and shared experience is utilised, and now need to engage further researchers and research assistants to help analyse the significant amount of data that has been generated.

While we know that this survey is about same-sex marriage, we understand that it may be impacting on all members of various LGBTIQ communities, as well as their allies.

We are also working to target demographics to ensure our research is statistically representative: we understand that the experience of a teenager in regional Australia may differ vastly to that of an older Australian, or someone who lives in the inner-city.

And after the postal survey results are released, our researchers will continue analysing the results and research the impacts of various religious exemptions and discrimination for essential community services.

Can you help contribute to cover the wage of extra research assistance for this project?

While unexpected, we do really appreciate the huge response to our online marriage equality survey, and want to ensure everyone who contributed their experiences is heard.

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