Hands off ANU!

The recent commitment by the Australian National University to divest its sizeable endowment from seven companies with questionable environmental credentials triggered a fierce backlash.

Add your name to the open letter to support the ANU today!

On Wednesday, dozens of investors and business people, including former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, signed their names to an open letter supporting ANU's right to invest or divest from companies based on social, environmental or ethical grounds.

Thanks to your support, another open letter ran in today's Australian Financial Review (see above), this time with the names of both investors AND ordinary Australians who support ANU's right to divest.

Thousands of you have added your name to the open letter.

But the ANU is still under pressure. Your voice can support ANU’s responsible investment. So add your name today to support the ANU's right to divest.

We'll hand deliver all the names to ANU's Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young this week.



Add your name!

"We the undersigned support the ANU and every other investor's right to invest in, or divest from, any companies on environmental or social grounds without bullying by vested interests or government ministers.

 The ANU has recognised the need for responsible investment and its commitment should be applauded. We call on all investors to follow its example.”

GOAL: 9,600 signatures

Will you sign?