Everyday Sexism

Nine in ten (87%) Australian women have experienced street harassment, according to new research released by The Australia Institute.

Everyday sexism: Australia women's experiences of street harassment shows that male perpetrators target younger women, usually when they are alone or with other women. More than half of women who had experienced street harassment said the first time it happened to them was before they turned 18.

Key findings:

  • 87% of Australian women have experienced at least one form of verbal or physical street harassment. Among those:

-  56% were alone the last time it happened; 52% reported harassment was by a man, 23% by a group of men (4% by women, 7% group of people, 15% not sure)

-  83% of those age 18-24 experienced street harassment in the last 12 months

  • 40% of Australian women do not feel safe when walking alone at night in the area where they currently live, compared to 17% of men.
  • 87% of Australian women have changed their behaviour in at least one way to ensure their own personal safety in the last 12 months 

A pdf copy of the report is available here.


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