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Contributions are tax deductible.

2018 End of Financial Year Appeal


Every donation to the Australia Institute's research fund over $2 is tax deductible and will be used to ensure our research has real impact.

As an independent think tank, we don't accept donations from political parties, which means donations - big and small - from everyday Australians are incredibly valuable to our program of research.

From now until 30 June, every dollar donated to The Australia Institute Research Fund will be matched by two generous donors up to $40,000. 

That means:

+ If you donate $50, our Research Fund receives $100.

+ If you donate $100, our Research Fund receives $200.

+ If you donate $500, our Research Fund receives $1000.

Please consider a generous donation before 30 June 2018.


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Who's donating

Grey Searle
Desmond Griffin
Ian Anderson
Anne McLean
Bill Davies
Adam Budd
Toby Rowallan
Karen Probst
Andrew Martin
George Carrard
crispin hull
Malcolm Wright
Jean Hart
Gregory Neal
Eric Topp
Piper Rodd
Peter Brennan
Stephen Cassidy
Alexa McAuley
Dan Nahum
Marilyn Coleman
Serena Rule
John Cartwright
David Grice
Dana Sang
Tania Mahoney