We Shouldn't Be Cutting Newstart

While the Turnbull Government is moving ahead with $50 billion worth of company tax cuts, it will be introducing legislation to cut the Newstart Allowance.

Even the Business Council of Australia has argued that Newstart's $264/week is too low for people experiencing unemployment. Cutting the $4.40/week energy supplement for all new welfare recipients means it is the Australians who are struggling the most who again shoulder the burden of ‘budget savings’.

Our research shows that this new cut to welfare will mean couples experiencing unemployment will be on an income that puts them 32% below the poverty line. People already living on the brink will feel a $4.40/week cut in income the most.

Will you sign the open letter to Malcolm Turnbull urging him not to cut Newstart, and certainly not when he is proceeding with $50 billion worth of company tax cuts?

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

We the undersigned urge you not to cut Newstart for people already living on the brink, and certainly not when you are proceeding with $50 billion worth of company tax cuts.

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