Make fossil fuel producers pay climate disaster levy

Climate change is making natural disasters like fires, floods, heatwaves and drought more frequent and more extreme. 

The Australia Institute is proposing a National Climate Disaster Fund, funded by a levy of $1 per tonne of all coal gas and oil produced in Australia to help pay for some of the increasing costs of these climate disasters.

A $1 levy per tonne of carbon pollution on fossil fuel production in Australia would currently raise around $1.5 billion a year for the National Climate Disaster Fund.


Natural disasters are estimated to currently cost Australians around $13 billion per year. These costs will rise dramatically as the frequency and intensity of fires, floods, drought and heatwaves increases as a result of climate change, unless emissions are cut.

Polling undertaken for The Australia Institute’s Climate of the Nation 2019 report found that 62% of Australians support the introduction of a fossil fuel levy to pay for the impacts of climate change, with only 21% opposed.

You can read more about The Australia Institute’s proposal for a National Climate Disaster Fund here, and find the full report here

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To the Parliament of Australia --

Climate change is making natural disasters like fires, floods, heatwaves and drought more frequent and more extreme. 

These disasters are already costing ordinary Australians billions of dollars every year.

Every tonne of coal and gas mined in Australia ends up as more greenhouse gas being pumped into the atmosphere, fuelling climate change and making these disasters worse.

These costs will keep increasing as climate change gets worse.

We urge you to establish a National Climate Disaster Fund, funded by a levy on each tonne of all coal, gas and oil produced in Australia.

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  • Liz Hanna
    signed 2020-09-17 17:46:28 +1000
  • Cristel Chambers
    signed 2020-08-31 07:38:51 +1000
    If our Government is going to allow fossil fuel companies to continue to operate in this country, the absolute minimum they must do is claim a levy from them to help us (the Australian public) to cope with the oncoming onslaught of climate disasters.
  • John Giacon
    signed 2020-08-28 10:38:17 +1000
  • chris clarke
    signed 2020-08-24 08:54:27 +1000
    As one sees the damage caused by miners over the decades, it is a must that fossil fuel companies pay a levy (actually pay) to help remediate the damage if possible
  • Deidre Stuart
    signed 2020-08-20 15:45:35 +1000
    We need this – better still let us as a country leave all fossil fuels in the ground. We could transition!
  • Shirley Gladding
    signed 2020-08-20 10:51:00 +1000
  • Adrian Ingleby
    signed 2020-08-19 23:40:51 +1000
  • Cherrida Hardaker
    signed 2020-08-19 17:25:12 +1000
    Cherrida Hardaker
  • amber rodd
    signed 2020-08-19 13:03:06 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-19 12:45:31 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-19 12:42:29 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-19 12:31:39 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-19 12:25:50 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-19 12:25:27 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-19 07:30:47 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-18 20:48:25 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-12 20:56:28 +1000
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    signed 2020-08-05 11:54:35 +1000
  • Brett Pritchard
    signed 2020-08-04 20:11:09 +1000
  • Theo Peeters
    signed 2020-08-04 12:51:08 +1000
    The levy should be high enough to meet the $13 billion present annual cost of climate change disasters, and more to fund necessary mitigation and the transition to clean renewable energy.
  • Robyn Francis
    signed 2020-08-03 19:42:49 +1000
  • Lauren Mickle
    signed 2020-08-03 11:43:37 +1000
  • Patricia Caves
    signed 2020-08-03 09:01:50 +1000