No Politics at Aunty’s Table

Our research shows that the ABC is Australia's most trusted broadcaster. At a time when so-called 'fake news' is at an all time high and journalism jobs are being cut across the country, has there ever been a greater need for a strong, independent and trusted national broadcaster?

The ABC is entering the final year of its triennial funding agreement. 

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party has previously tried to use ABC funding as a bargaining chip [2] And Pauline Hanson herself has told SkyNews she wants to 'whack' its funding come budget time.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister himself has even gone so far as to attack ABC Chief Economics Correspondent Emma Alberici in Parliament. Meanwhile the rest of the Coalition’s media ownership deal with One Nation, explicitly targeted at the ABC come in to play this year, including their ‘competitive neutrality’ inquiry.


Help safeguard the ABC’s independence and ensure it is funded to do its job as  our public broadcaster.

Add your name to the growing call: Hands off our Aunty!

Dear Coalition Government --

The ABC is one of Australia's most trusted news sources. We urge you to safeguard the independence of the ABC, and keep our public broadcaster free of political interference.

We also urge you to commit to funding the ABC adequately so it can do its job as our public broadcaster.

Will you sign?