06/01/20 The future of climate protests in a weak Tasmanian democracy

Greg Barns makes a forceful argument about climate change politics in today’s Hobart Mercury, pointing to litigation as the future means for voters to hold their elected reps to account. However here in Tas, our Liberal govt is seeking to neutralise negative voter sentiment with a bill which will outlaw climate protests altogether. The bill was passed in the lower house with the support of (former Labor, now Independent) newcomer on a recent count back, Madeleine Ogilvie. For shame, Madeleine! Might this bill be construed as a preemptive strike against anticipated future law suits by citizens over climate change? And Why aren’t more Tasmanian’s making a huge noise about this attack on their rights? Whether under state or federal administrations, it is clear a stealthy, concerted effort is underway to erode or ignore our right to peaceful protest over issues of concern. What could be more concerning than an actual existential threat? This bill must not be passed! I urge your readers to lobby upper house members now.

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